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3 social media tools review.

"Dear WordPress.."


It is a platform that focuses on visuals and creativity.  . It is a great platform for saving/storing information. In this platform, you can pin and add annotations. The pins also links to the library’s website.
But..consider this:
It isn’t the best platform to create a lengthy post about a topic. It does not have a good search function and the platform isn’t suitable for mobile use.
The general public. It is perfect for people who like to do lots of browsing and read light content. Users usually post content that relate to their hobby or interests. User demographics are female aged 40-49 and has 11% of social media users utilise this platform.
Best way to use in a library setting:
Best used in a public library for promoting new material and ongoing image collections.


Contains a character limit and it’s okay to spam posts: they…

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